Studio Overview

Established in 2022 in the vibrant setting of Bali, Indonesia, Sandikala is a multidisciplinary studio specializing in creative branding, design, product and web development.

We named our studio 'Sandikala' to capture the tranquility, freedom, and beauty found in creativity. Like a timeless charm, it mirrors our belief in the continous growth of the digital world.

Our focus is on simplicity and uniqueness, creating exceptional digital experiences for clients worldwide.

Our mission is clear: we help businesses stand out, become strong and sustainable, and form meaningful connections with their target audience and the world at large.

Our Process


Understanding your business goals is essential. We spot patterns, define concerns, and offer guidance.


Each project is unique. We brainstorm ideas and collaborate until we find the suitable digital solutions.


We ensure functionality and aesthetics in every detail. Most importantly, we ensure it serves its purpose.


No doubts. Your final work is ready to show off and make an impact.