Teal Estate, a new player in Bali's real estate, focuses on quick, reliable processes for acquiring homes and investments.

The logo draws inspiration from Balinese 'gapura' design, reflecting the Asta Kosala Kosali philosophy guiding traditional house layouts. It signifies connection to Bali, where Teal Estate operates, helping clients find their perfect island homes.

The teal color choice blends blue and green, symbolizing authenticity like the open sea. It creates a memorable logo, embodying each property beyond an asset; promoting patience, sophistication, and community.

Challenges with the old Wix site led to a premium redesign. Our modern, simple and user-friendly approach caters to a mature global audience, emphasizing simplicity and speed.

Migrating to WordPress improved property access, advanced features while combining with clean and appealing design. Positive changes attracted more users and clients, leading to Teal Estate's online growth.

Key numbers:

  • Organic traffic increased by 288%.
  • Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) is 3.1%.
  • Bounce rate dropped by 23.7%.
  • Average session duration increased by 86.15%.
  • Page load time significantly decreased by 86%.

These improvements show thriving, thanks to user-friendly changes. Teal Estate is making a mark in Bali's real estate.


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