Cactus is a real estate investment management tool designed for individuals and businesses seeking data-driven decision-making.

Working with Cactus was about clarifying a complex idea in a simple and easy-to-understand way effectively.

Our approach involves a thorough discovery process to understand Cactus's vision and target market deeply.

Prioritizing usability, our goal was an intuitive and action-driven tool. Tailored UI/UX ensures visual appeal and usefulness, making investment performance clear and improving communication with investors.

Our contributions include UX research, WebApp design, and robust financial modules. We provided clear documentation, crafted an onboarding process, and aimed to make finance understandable for everyone.

We made the overall process better by:

  1. Putting info in order based on what users filled in advance
  2. Adding tips and insights for investor's results
  3. Guided users through by choosing the next step for them
  4. Strategically placed complex information at the end of the funnel, so users finish once they've started

In addition to functionality improvements, we focused on enhancing the visual design of the WebApp. With a modern, clean and easy-to-use design, users can effortlessly navigate the platform and effortlessly access the information they require, even if it's a bit complicated.

Through collaboration and prototyping, we transformed raw data into an effective UI/UX. As an MVP for early stage startup, helping Cactus securing some powerful strategic partners in the industry.


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